"The Arms Bible" eBook

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The Arms Bible eBook is your go-to resource for EVERYTHING related to building a massive pair of arms. This eBook will revolutionize your perspective on your arms training, showing you how thoughtful and precise you must be in order to force the muscles to grow. The goal with this eBook is to maximize your ability to develop your biceps/forearms/triceps in order to yield incredible progress and build the arms of your dreams. Your arm development plateaus will no longer exist after experiencing the incredible information offered in this eBook. If followed precisely, it guarantees results beyond your expectations. With over 30+ highly detailed pages, it covers the following topics in-depth:


  1. Learning and understanding the concept behind arm genetics.
  2. Analyzing your arms strengths and weaknesses, how to plan and train accordingly.
  3. The most effective ways to approach properly warming up before your weight-training session.
  4. The BEST exercises for building mass on your arms, including explanations of each exercise as well as tips for performance.
  5. The BEST exercises for creating detail on your arms, including explanations of each exercise as well as tip for performance.
  6. The most UNIQUE approaches to building both short bicep & triceps insertions, as well as the BEST EXERCISES for these insertions.
  7. An in-depth explanation of arms training frequency, the styles of arms training, and how to properly gauge which weights you should use!
  8. How to fill the gap between your bicep and your forearm muscles, explanations of the BEST forearm exercises.


You will not find another resource like this available anywhere. All information in this eBook has been cultivated through my long-time experience studying old school training and the best ways to maximize every aspect of gaining muscle. Pay attention to the small details and your progress will be faster than anyone else's in the gym. Trust me, follow my lead, and you will see results that you could’ve never imagined.


Be confident, make a change, and download today.

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