The best Old School diets that have been used by the legendary bodybuilders of the past. Topics to be covered that will help you maximize your performance in the gym. You will build as much muscle as possible.

Old School Bodybuilding Diet Here we will be discussing the best old school bodybuilding diet. The game of bodybuilding is 70% nutrition and 30% training. If your diet is not on point and you are not taking in the correct foods, you will not yield the results you are looking...

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Currently in bodybuilding, the modern days, many top pros are known for not touching barbells, in fear of getting injured. They rely heavily on drugs & food to get them to that top level physique. However, Old School bodybuilders preach volume on top of volume with heavy barbell movements. Any...

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When we look back at the Golden Era of bodybuilding, we can see what kind of clothing & gym apparel was hot and stylish. Retro socks, specifically at the mid-calf area were super hot. Gym t-shirts, stringers, and tank tops were a huge hit during this era. As time progressed,...

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