"The Art of Pumping Up" eBook

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 The Art of Pumping Up eBook gives a unique and effective experience that will completely revolutionize your perspective on how you should approach weight training. This is the only resource you'll ever need for every aspect of weight training. The goal with this eBook is to maximize every aspect of your bodybuilding career in order to yield incredible progress and break plateaus. If followed precisely, it guarantees results beyond your expectations. There are over 5 unique training splits with exercises included, giving you information on the function of each split and helping you choose the best split for your goals. With over 58+ highly detailed pages, it covers the following topics in-depth:


  1. The most effective ways to prepare for a training session with nutrition, the best protein sources, and foods that increase the pump.
  2. The best methods in increasing the pump. Training style, nutrition, and supplementation.
  3. The best methods of warming up before you’re training session.
  4. A complete breakdown on the differences between free weights vs. cables & machines. The best times to incorporate these movements during a session to maximize results.
  5. Finding the best training split for your genetics to maximize your results.
  6. Five unique Old School training splits with exercises, repetitions and sets included. Each split is broken down and explained to help you choose the best option for your goals.
  7. The best Old School exercises for building a dense muscular physique. We break down each muscle group, find the exercises that are the best and then give tips to make sure the exercise is done flawlessly.
  8. Everything you need to know to maximize results training as a natural athlete.
  9. Everything you need to know to maximize results training as an enhanced athlete.


You will not find another resource like this available anywhere. All information in this eBook has been cultivated through my long-time experience studying old school training and the best ways to maximize every aspect of gaining muscle. Pay attention to the small details and your progress will be faster than anyone else's in the gym. Trust me, follow my lead, and you will see results that you could’ve never imagined.


Be confident, make a change, and download today.



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